Over 88,000 AK-47 rifles , Firearms, Ammunition Missing

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Igboeli Arinze Napoleon- FCT

It has been revealed that 88,000  AK-47 rifles and other firearms and ammunition in the custody of the Nigerian Police Force are presently  missing.

The audit which was carried out by the Office of the Auditor General produced a damning report in which these arms were allegedly found to be missing.

In that report, 88,078 AK-47 rifles. 3,907 assorted rifles and pistols were found missing across the number of police formations.


The missing arms breakdown gave the number of 601 firearms said to be missing from 15 training institutions; 42 in 23 formations; 1514 missing in 37 police commands; 29 missing in zone 1-12 were not also reported as required by law, with 1,721 firearms are missing in Police Mobile Force (PMF) 1-68.


Likewise, records received the police  armament units at the Force Headquarters showed 21 Police Mobile Force (PMF) Squadron, Abuja, did not report a single case of missing firearm, this is despite the fact that its schedule of missing arms obtained from the same PMF showed a total number of 46 missing arms between year 2000 and February 2019.


“The value of the lost firearms could not be ascertained because no document relating to their cost of acquisition was presented for examination,” the audit report said.


Also, the report also discovered that a number of 10 contracts totalling N1.136billion  were awarded to a single proprietor although such was done in the name of different companies.


It was also reported that in the companies’ profiles, the contact phone numbers and email addresses of the three companies were reportedly the same.


These three companies did not also disclose their relationship  with each other which is in accordance with the  principles of procurement.


It also discovered that even though the  sum of N924.985million was paid for 11 contracts involving construction of three units of Gunshot Spotter System, supply of 50 units of Ballistic Roller Trolley and 20 units of Ballistic Mobile Surveillance House in some selected Commands and Formations with the final payments made in March 2019 there were however little or no evidence of execution.


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