Ambassador Lilian Onoh Is Been Sponsored By Anti Onyema Elements- Group

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Chinelo Emegha, Enugu

A group under the aegis of Enugu Concerned Professionals, ECP has faulted the recent attack on the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama by a one time ambassador to Namibia, Lillian Onoh.

The group stated this in a statement to the press.

The statement which was signed by Dr Frank Udeze and Pharmacist Dozie Nwobu as Chairman and Secretary respectivvely denounced the attempt by Ambassador Lilian Onoh to besmirch the reputation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs in her petition which the group described as a litany of lies.

The group also accused her of been sponsored by anti Enugu APC groups and those who were bitter with Onyeama’s reappointment as minister as well as urged the public to disregard Onoh who they also described as mentally unstable.

Part of the statement read as thus:

“We were quite taken aback when news of a flimsy petition allegwdly authored by our daughter Lillian Onoh against our illustrious son and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama got to our hearing.

We immediately got a hold of the petition and digested the contents which was put out in bad taste as well as was a concoction of all manner of lies against the minister.

We hereby unanimously condemn in all ramifications the said petition which we can say is disseminated by a woman with obvious mental issues.

We also have it on good records that Ambassador Lillian is been sponsored by enemies of Enugu APC and a number of persons who have never been happy with Onyeama’s appointment as well as his reappointment as Foreign Minister. This irresponsible gang up against the minister are the same persons sponsoring Lilian Onoh.

These forces have been fighting and sponsoring derogatory articles against the Minister for years with the hope that some of the mud they have been flinging at the Minister would stick. They were bitterly disappointed when despite all their efforts, the President reappointed Onyeama despite all their false petitions, attacks and blackmail.

Again these forces much believe that the ministerial slot is their birthright. They have attempted all known pull him down antics against Onyeama, well they will continue to try but will continue to fail!

The same Lilian Onoh who is accusing the Minister for a number of fictitious misdeeds was an embarrasment in her outings as an ambassador, it was so bad that her host countries asked for her replacement which in turn led to her sack before she was later reinstated owing to her father, the late C.C Onoh’s influence.

Even her previous bosses while she actively served as an ambassador all had problems with her. She had all manners of disciplinary issues and was known for specializing in defaming all and sundry in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who did not do what she wanted.

C,C Onoh was a great leader and former Governor of Old Anambra State and we will always accord him such respect, however we call on responsible leaders within the Onoh Clan and in Enugu State to call Ambassador Lillian Onoh to order as well as get her the much needed help she needs rather than allow her to continue dancing naked in the market square .

In concluding, we again repose our confidence and solidarity in the Geofrey Onyeama, urging him not to be deterred in his determination to serve the interest of Nigeria and liberate Enugu State for the good of our people.

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