APGA Guber Ticket: Soludo, Umeoji Lobby Supreme Court Judges

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Top Anambra State Government Functionary, Businessman Dangle Billions of Naira






Echezona Nwike, Awka- 

As the battle of supremacy continues in APGA over who flies its flag in the Anambra Guber elections, realpoliticsnigeria.ng has gathered that proxies of both candidates have been lobbying a number of judges in order to obtain a favourable judgement from the apex court.

Umeoji, a two time member of the House of Representatives and Professor Chukwuma Soludo, a one time helmsman of the country’s apex bank as well as Edozie Njoku have been engaged in a tripartite war of attrition following the disqualification of Umeoji by the Victor Oye faction of APGA and the emergence of Jude Okeke which held its own primaries that produced Umeoji.


The legal tussle has moved from court to court within states with each faction recording a series of victories. However,following an Appeal Court ruling that recognised Victor Oye as APGA’s chairman, the battle has inevitably shifted to the Supreme Court and has witnessed intense lobbying of its members.

Realpoliticsnigeria.ng gathered that billions of Naira has been dangled to associates of these judges who act as middle men. The move to get favourable judgements have been led by proxies of both camps who would fund such corrupt moves.


The Soludo camp is said to be using a top government functionary who is a friend to a number of Yoruba Senior Advocates of Nigeria to lobby these Supreme Court judges, only last night he was billed to travel to Abuja under the pretext of attending a summit there from which he will then hold a couple of meetings in this regard.


The Soludo camp is rooting for a delay in the trial which will allow Soludo campaign for as long as the court sits, if possible till after the election and is said to be lobbying in that direction. The Soludo camp believe that with such a situation, it could go on to win the election and since Umeoji cannot benefit in that aspect should he peradventure win the matter at the apex court, he would softpedal immediately after the elections are held.


For Umeoji, the die is cast as the Member of the House of Representatives knows that losing at the Supreme Court will put an end to his chances of winning the election. It is therefore imperative that he wins. Sources close to Umeoji told us that he wants an outright trial with no delays because it is Soludo’s name that is on INEC list and not his. Umeoji worries that should the matter drag on till after the election, it may hinder his chances at the election as he may not be able to reconcile the warring factions or campaign effectively, Umeoji is worried by what happened to PDP and Tony Nwoye in the 2013 guber polls.


Umeoji’s proxies in this matter are businessmen who have funded his campaign so far. One of them is from Nnewi while the other is a hotelier from Imo State.



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