Former Speaker, Eugene Odo Sues Ben Nwoye for Defamation.

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Darlington Ekwueme, Enugu-


  • Demands sum of 1 billion Naira

Two time Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Eugene Odo has sued the acting state chairman of the APC Chief Ben Nwoye.


Odo who made this known to journalists is demanding a public and recorded apology from Nwoye on or before the 20th of August, 2021 or face defamation charges in court.

Nwoye had earlier made unsavoury comments against the former speaker labelling him as a  thief in the following statement

“…the thief who attempted to steal our democratic process is also a Wawa man, in our place aneni onye-oshi makpute ehu na ani, and today is not the day he started, because when Sullivan Chime was sick, was not feeling well, even though he was a great governor, going towards the end of his term the same thief connived with some members of the House of Assembly of Enugu State and attempted to disgrace a wonderful strong serving governor…

they attempted to impeach him two times and he was disgraced, he was himself impeached, that was a case of back to sender…within a short time the thief came in with his car and security men, when he was asked…he went to the thief’s vehicle, the thief’s PA brought sensitive materials …”

This had prompted the former speaker to consult with his lawyers who then wrote Nwoye informing him of the numerous damages such a statement had inflicted on the reputation of their client thus demanding the apology.

The letter further cited:

”It is not difficult for any right thinking/ordinary person, and there were many of them in that assembly, to know that your innuendoes were referring to our client. You called him a thief severally and accused him of attempts to truncate “our democratic process.

The letter accused Nwoye of an attempt to lower the former speaker in the estimation of right thinking men as well aa exposing him to undue hatred, contempt and ridicule.

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