Anambra 2021: Dr. Nwankwo Is The Answer .By Zechariah Idigo

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As the road to Anambra 2021 descends on us , interested citizens of Anambra State like myself are keen on correcting the mistakes of 2013 and 2017 ; for us, the choice is clear; the people of Anambra State can not afford such errors anymore as one more slip and the state may never again recover from the state it is presently in, God and good leadership will salvage such a situation but then since it is most likely that God himself will not come down to vote then we are saddled with what the philosophical realities of the powers of the human will, reason and rationality. This means that the sole objective for those who want the good of the state should be to choose the candidate with the hands-down best chance of not only winning the APC’s guber primaries but to also lead the party into the November guber election whoever the opposition choose to lead their party into the November guber election.
The incumbent governor, Willie Obiano will not be on the ballot,  but a number of buccaneers and clowns with definitely no idea on how to govern even a hamlet of half wits  are on the walkway caterwauling on why it should be them. However , from among this lot emerges one man who has the unction to deliver to the people of the state that which has been denied them for decades now, that man being Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo .
Although an outsider, Nwankwo has a number of good ideas for how to make this a more fair and equitable state and his willingness to directly challenge the excesses of bad government is not only commendable but has shifted the direction of the APC struggle for the ticket, it remains my opinion that Dr. Nwankwo’s ideas are much more commendable likewise his ability to deliver them into reality.
For example, is it possible that a Governor Nwankwo  can create the scenario where a healthcare-for-all system operates as well as help create the scenery where quality education is a must for its teeming youths? The answer is yes! Against the tide of paucity of funds that has been the hue and cry of every administration after the second Republic which have denied generations after then that which they themselves enjoyed and have sought to enjoy for as a long as they remained in power or at least within its corridors.
Dr. Nwankwo’s chances against any odds in the forthcoming APC primaries looks bright, an astute figure, he possesses a quick wit and a sort of rapprochement with the high as well as the lumpen proletariat,one who knows him will surely expect super policy proposals in a number of touching issues.
Dr Nwankwo’s support base is also electrifying and this makes the prospect of him becoming electable much because of the  undisputed enthusiasm of his supporters and his more inspirational message, his widening appeal, and his perceived status as somewhat of a an outsider willing to take on the establishment.
That is not all, the man is also at home with the church , which contributes a lot to any politician’s electoral appeal in the general election. This should obviously count!
But before the naysayers in their dramatic manner drum up the humdrum of assertions that Dr Nwankwo neither has the experience nor the requisite curriculum vitae of bag carrying for politicians , contesting elections endlessly without either winning and when they go on to win without effectively touching the lives of those they were meant to serve, let me appeal to them that this is the 21st Century , the era of quantum leaps, leadership has gone beyond empty slogans and conventional appeals, I am sure that the people of Anambra are also aware of this and thus will do away with these relics of the yesteryears who have never meant well for the people or the state.
Lagos had Lateef Jakande, Imo, Dee Sam Mbakwe, why should Anambra then not have a Chidozie Nwankwo?
Zechariah Idigo Writes From Nsugbe


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