Igboho Admits To Seeing Tinubu in Bourdillion

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  • Insists that he never met Tinubu in Akure
  • Says Tinubu gave him N2 Million Naira for fuel
  • Says no politician can say that he made him.


Lagos- Political thug turned activist Sunday Adeyemo also known as Igboho in  reacting to a claim by Babafemi Ojudu, special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on political matters, has denied that he met with Tinubu in Akure, Ondo state capital, in 2009, over the Ekiti gubernatorial election rerun.


Igboho however said that he met with Tinubu in 2009 in his Bourdillion home in Lagos.


According to him, the APC leader invited him to seek his support against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2009 Ondo election.


Igboho said Tinubu then gave him N2 million afterwards  to fuel his car when he was departing, stating that since then he had not met with Asiwaju on any other auspices.


He had also also boasted that no politician in the Southwest or the whole of Nigeria could claim that he made him and that he had made his wealth by selling cars.


“When I was hustling I had a company for about fifteen years ago, a company that sells cars. I started buying cars from Cotonou, then started buying from Germany, America, London; I travelled around to bring them,” Igboho said.


“Any politician that said he gave me money should come out and swear with his child

Tinubu is alive, ask him if I collected money from him. Yes, I have seen him before. It was the time to vote for Mimiko in Ondo. I supported Mimiko’s opponent and they called senator Ladoja. Ladajo called me and said Tinubu wanted to see me and I should do whatever he wants.


“My number was given to Tinubu and he called me. I went to see him in Bourdillon. He asked me if Ladoja has explained the election in Ondo to me. He said he hoped I was aware of how much people had suffered under PDP’s administration in the state.


“And he told me that the election in Ondo, if Ladoja has explained to me, I should not support PDP and that they need to suffer for how they treated the people. And I told him whatever he wants and I left.


“To be sincere, he gave me N2million to buy fuel [for] my car. You can interview and ask him. He said if I love Ladoja, I should know how much PDP dealt with us, so I should leave the party. We had left PDP then, to Accord party.”



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