Boko Haram: Military Winning War On Insurgemcy

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Igboeli Arinze, FCT- The Nigerian Military authorities have projected that the Army is at present having the upper hand in the insurgency war as they were forcing the insurgents  to avoid direct confrontation with troops and instead focusing on attacking soft targets.

This was contained in a review of the military operations between December 31,2020 and January 6, 2021, in which likened the unwillingness of the terrorists to engage troops an indication that the war was going on favourably for the military.


Briefing the media in Abuja, the Coordinator of the Directorate of Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche, said that a mix of surveillance, aerial and ground operations had given the military a path to victory.


“We have discovered that direct encounters between us and the terrorists are on the low side, what it signifies, is that once there is a reduction, it means the game is changing rapidly to the favour of the armed forces of Nigeria and Nigerians at large.


“How have we sustained this, we don’t focus on one source of surveillance or action, we have both ground and air put together and other technical sources. We keep increasing the tempo and changing our style of operation”, he said.


Enenche said: “Whatever we did before is never good for the now and what we are going to do tomorrow, we are on the table constantly planning.


“The surveillance that we maintained through air reconnaissance and intelligence is at the peak in the north and the aggressive patrol of the land forces has made it possible to for them to focus more on soft targets. We are going to ensure that this is improved upon on regular basis”.

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