How the Kankara Boys Were Rescued.

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  • 20 million Ransom paid as both Federal and State Government deny such.
  • Boys freed due to the intervention of an ex bandit.


Igboeli Arinze & Haruna Tukur, FCT- has gathered that certain factors including a matching order from President Muhammadu Buhari to the service chiefs that they all risked been sacked if the kidnapped boys at Kankara were not released within two weeks plus the determination of the Armed forces to prove themselves, most particularly, it’s intelligence gathering unit helped the Federal Government rescue these children. gathered that an incensed Buhari had given matching orders to the Defence Minister and the National Security Adviser to fish out the Kankara students and bring them to safety before two weeks of the incident. This message was in turn given to the service chiefs while the President was reported to be searching for their replacements should the two week ultimatum elapse and the boys not found.


The State Director of the State Security Service and the Commissioner of Police in Kastina in turn were severely reprimanded since the activity took place in the state without either of the agencies taking note of such actions.


President Muhammadu Buhari was worried that the Kankara Boys kidnap would go the same way of the Chibok Schoolgirls kidnap and make his government look inept as the Chibok girls saga made former President Goodluck Jonathan look before his ouster in the 2015 polls.


President Buhari immediately contacted a number of traditional rulers and influential Northerners who also promised to help his administration get the required information to bring back the boys.


The Kastina State Government immediately contacted a former bandit who had genuinely accepted the amnesty offer issued by Governor Bello Masari in 2018, the ex bandit who appeared to be a very influential one in his days of banditry, immediately went into contact with his former colleagues and created a back channel for the State Government to begin negotiations with the bandits. This however obtained the blessing of President Muhammadu Buhari who immediately asked the Kastina State Government to let the Federal Government take over the negotiations, our sources say that the Minister of Defence and the National Security Adviser were immediately drafted into the negotiating team which also included Governor Masari and reported frequently to President Muhammadu Buhari.


Boko Haram’s Gambit–  With the incident , the terrorist group wanting to claim that it had carried out the incident immediately went to the airwaves to take credit for such, meanwhile it had sent scouts to locate where the boys were with the intention of taking the boys away from the bandits and helping cement it’s false claims. It is likely that these scouts discovered the place where these boys were held and entered into some negotiations with the bandits, this was rebuffed by the bandits owing to the negotiations with the Federal Government and the regards they had for their former ” Comrade in Arms” this was immediately reported to the Federal Government’s negotiating team and speeded the negotiating process. gathered that the sum of 20 million Naira was paid to ransom the boys although this is denied by both Federal and the Kastina State government, it is alleged that the negotiating team had initially opted not to pay any ransom but had rescinded the decision owing to Boko Haram’s intervention which would make the situation much worse.




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