Obaseki, PDP Leaders Clash Over SSG, Chief of Staff Appointments.

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Louisa Imade, Benin- Even in victory it seems that Governor Godwin Obaseki may not get the respite any politician craves as he is presently embroiled in a number of fights within  his new found home in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.


Sources close to the governor confidently told realpoliticsnigeria.ng that the governor has turned down entreaties of the chieftains of the party to appoint his Secretary to the State Government, SSG and Chief of Staff positions to their members.


The People’s Democratic Party chieftains led by it’s Vice Chairman of the South South Region, Chief  Dan Osi Orbih had tabled these demands to the governor in a meeting held in the governor’s residence.


The PDP chieftains had insisted that since the governor and his deputy Philip Shuaibu had come from the All Progressives Congress when they both decamped to the PDP then it was only fair that the appointment of the SSG and CoS went to  original members of the PDP.


This they said was one of the conditions which they had given to the governor upon his entrance into the party. The party had insisted on getting the deputy governor’s slot but after a series of hard negotiations it settled for the positions of SSG and CoS to the governor.



The chieftains are now worried that with Governor Obaseki winning the election he may renege on their agreement and go on to appoint other people to these key positions.


It is alleged that at that meeting the governor was non committal to their demands that the chieftains nominate people for both positions. Governor Obaseki  was alleged to have told them that since those positions were key positions and that it’s occupants would also contribute to his plans to further develop the state, it was necessary that he picked people he could trust and work with and not delegate such responsibilities to other people.


This however did not sit down well with the chieftains as they reminded the governor of their initial “gentleman” agreement before they had agreed to give him and his deputy a soft landing and work with him.


Our source stated ” We are not pleased with Obaseki and this is owing to his new found resistance to our initial agreement on the original party members producing the SSG and CoS positions. We never wanted Shuaibu to retain his deputy governor’s slot but when the governor pleaded that it had to be him and his deputy we decided to drop our demands and ask that he concedes the slots of SSG and CoS which he agreed to but look at it now, we feel betrayed”


But a source close to Governor Obaseki dismissed the claims of the PDP chieftains ascribing it to greed.


The source defended Governor Obaseki’s insistence on appointing his own officials as the buck stops on his table. He described the chieftain’s demands as nonsensical holding no water at all since they had been settled by the governor before his entry into the PDP and that the governor owed them nothing.


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