#ENDSARS: Nigerian Youths Call Out Former Anambra State Governor , Peter Obi on Twitter

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Ask him to give account of his role on Ezu River Massacre

Chudi Ndukwe, Awka

In what looked like a call to render accounts of his stewardship, a former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi came under heavy fire for failing to contain the activities of  the dreaded SARS Awkuzu while he served as governor in the state.


Obi had earlier made a tweet citing that the end of FSARS would allow not only for Police Reforms but also for other security agencies.


But in what looked like a backlash, a number of tweeter users called him to account for his role as governor of Anambra State from 2006-2014, an era when SARS was most deadly, and were alleged to have committed a number of crimes against innocent Nigerians in the state.


These tweets stemmed from the allegation that the former governor used SARS to murder innocent youths asking him to come clean on his involvement with one James Nwafor, whose name has notoriously popped up for a number of atrocities of SARS Awkuzu. Others towed similar lines  asking him what roles he played while Awkuzu SARS held away.


While the former governor failed to give any form of reply to the tweets that wanted to know about his roles in events such as the Ezu River killings where over 40 young men in 2013 were killed and dumped in the river that serves as a boundary between Anambra and Enugu States, a few of his admirers replied that as governor he(Peter Obi) had no control over the police and since FSARS was before it’s disbandment under the purview of the Federal Government, there was little or nothing he could do. These explanations or defence however fell on deaf ears as a number of tweets continued to insist that he come clean.











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