Group Seeks Recall Of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah

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Chudi Ndukwe, Awka-  A group of politicians, professionals and activists have condemned the lackluster performance of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah at the Senate, stating that in two years the Nnewi born businessman had not lived up to his campaign promises.


The statement was made under the auspices of the Ihiala Amalgamated Leaders Forum.


The statement which was signed by Timothy Orajiaka and Ekene Nweke described the performance of Senator Ubah as uninspiring and called on the people of Anambra South Senatorial District and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to begin the process of recalling the Senator.


” Having elected Senator Ifeanyi Ubah ahead of more experienced politicians to represent us at the Senate owing to his numerous promises towards Ihiala local government and Anambra South in its entirety, we at this point are much dismayed that one year and a few months into his four year tenure, the people of Ihiala had seen nothing spectacular not to talk of average performance in a Senate that has in the past been represented by household names.


This is not the kind of representation that we want; we did not send him to go to the senate to start sharing recharge cards to our constituents, neither did we elect him to engage in a jamboree at the expense of the tax payers and the good people of Anambra South.


At a point when a number of other senators are attracting worthy constituency projects such as roads, schools and other intervention projects meant to better the life of their people, our Senator has failed to meet even the simplest of functions required of even a ward councilor.


We therefore, call on the good people of Anambra South and INEC to immediately begin the recall process of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah for non performance. ” the statement read.



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    Whoever you call yourself, carrying this propaganda against the anointed one, Sen Ubah. You must be sick and abnormal for using our name instead of yours.

    Why not be bold enough to use a name and watch the reaction from Anambrarians.

    For your information, Sen Ifeanyi Ubah is the best In history of Senator Anambra. South



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