Our Stand

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As a new online medium with the intention to make our mark on the local, national and international space, Our Stand as a medium will be to promote political reportage that is based on truth, democracy and its tenets as well as spur national development.

The task we know will not be easy, nevertheless we brace ourselves for such responsibility with the aim to help inform, educate and entertain our teeming readers now and in the future with content that meets our the criteria of truth, justice, democracy and national development; we may further add to these for as long as they are positive ideals, ideals worth living for and worth preaching to the teeming masses.
We promise to give balance to our stories, we shall always attempt to hear from the two sides or more in any matter, giving our own views as an independent medium not beholden to any interest, ideology, movement, ethnic group, religion or political party.
This is ‘Our Stand’, the medium’s weekly editorial, dissecting the pulse of our editorial team on issues affecting our politics and its players.
It’s a new day…

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